OMG! Mulayam has unpaid electricity bill of 4 lakhs

Lucknow: Mulayam Singh Yadav is no more a VIP as in the electricity raid his home is busted. Further adding to the list of setting wrong precedents before common men, senior politician and Samajwadi Party veteran Mulayam Singh was in headlines for not paying his electricity bills of more than 4 lakhs. The incident came to light when in the wake of UP CM Adityanath's initiative of wiping out the VIP culture from Uttar Pradesh an inspection conducted by the electricity department discovered that the senior Yadav has unpaid bills of over 4 lakhs.

Mulayam has a sprawling house in his constituency Etawah which has more than 15 rooms; all well-equipped with air conditioners, geysers and fancy electrical fittings.

Officials had changed the configurations to allow him 40 kW against a payment in lieu of the additional power supply.

Who would care to pay the bills when the son is the chief minister of the state. But now with Yogi at the helm of affairs in UP and with his determination to wipe away the VIP culture such freebies with not be allowed.