OMG! MP moves with duplicate, he is afraid of 'aam aadmi'

Mumbai: In India politicians are usually very powerful, and especially if they happen to be a Member of Parliament of ruling party. But things are different with this infamous MP, who is scared of people on the street common man.  

Infamy has made Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad a 'star'. Yes, the same MP who had hit an Air India with slipper and then bragged about it. Now, this infamous route to stardom is haunting him.


What scares him are the hordes of selfie and autograph seekers. His fear has forced him to move with a 'duplicate MP', who resembles him. To confuse the selfie-seekers, duplicate, Sagar, wears  kurta pyjama while the orginal MP moves in baggy pants and T-shirt.

While boarding a train, curious commuters came to the original MP asking whether he was the "same Ravindra Gaikwad". The orginal MP

politely directed them towards Sagar, saying, "That's my boss Ravisaheb Gaikwad, while introducing himself as "saheb's secretary". Then, the duplicate posed with the commuters, obliging them with selfies, and yes, with folded hands.

Who plays the dupilicate of Ravindra Gaikwad

"After the Air India incident and the media trial that I was subjected to, many people have started recognising me, and they request for selfies. I don't like to turn them away but at the same time it gets time-consuming, so I chose my party worker Ratnakant Sagar, who has been working with me for a long time, to pose as me. As you can see, there is a resemblance, and I gave him my kurta pyjamas to make it appear that he is indeed Gaikwad the MP," Gaikwad was quoted as saying in media reports.

How Ravindra Gaikwad manages to go unrecognised

Well, clothes are his secret. "The way I am dressed, even the people from my town will not be able to recognise me. Nobody associates such casual clothes with me," Gaikwad said.

In fact he went on to recount a funny incident. During a train journey, the ticket-checkers wanted a selfie, and it was Sagar "who got the job done", he added. "Ratnakant posed with the TCs and they went away happy. Despite with us in the same compartment for over 12 hours, they were not able to tell the difference. I was enjoying every bit of it," smailing MP said.