OMG! Kapil Sharma Show will close, creative director quits?

Mumbai: It seems 'acchey din' for Kapil Sharma and his show are over. The show may be dying a slow death. After Sunil Grover, now creative director of Kapil's show Preeti Simoes has decided to quit the show, reports said. There's speculation that the show is on its way out.  

It all began after the mid-air feud between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma. Unhappy with Kapil, Simoes was lying low. She never said anything openly, but had been dropping hints. First she decativated her Twitter account and then went on a sudden holiday.

She is unlikely to join back the show, sources say. "Preeti has taken a break from the show and we have no clue if she is coming back. Even her sister Neeti is no more working with us. It is a hard time for the team as apart from artists, we do not even have a creative director. It's been two weeks and we are only hoping that things get sorted soon," a webiste quoted a source as saying.

Kapil's camp reportedly blamed her for leaking the fight details to media. This made Preeti furious. However, she has denied quitting the show. "I am currently holidaying; let's connect when I am back. I have not quit the show, just on a break," Preeti told the same website.

What's worrying fans is that, how will show survive without a creative director.