OMG.. iPhone 7 Plus explodes, video goes viral!

After Samsung was news for its Samsung Galaxy note 7 battery explosion now it is Apple turn after a video surfaced online which iPhone 7 Plus can be seen spewing out smoke from its molten case.

This twitter video was posted on Wednesday by Brianna Olivas,18, from Arizona after her iPhone 7 Plus caught fire.She tweeted “So my iPhone 7 plus blew up this morning … was not even using it, literally no explanation for this.”

This video has been retweeted over 31,253 times, liked over 33,473 times and reportedly watched over 1.2m times demanding an explanation from Apple team.

Responding to this video, an Apple spokesperson Mashable said, “We are in touch with the customer and looking into it”.

The whole incident took place a day after Olivas had taken her phone to the shop from where she purchased after it wasn't working properly for a couple of days.Employees at the store told her it "looked weird when it turned on" but returned the device after few tests.  

Apple has replaced the device and said it is "looking into it". However, employees at Apple's Genius Bar said they had "never seen anything like this",Olivas said