OMG.. Dr.Mashoor Gulati tells his shoe size to Kapil!

New Delhi: Kapil Sharma's ongoing spat with Sunil Grover doesn't seem to end. Every day it's going worse for Kapil Sharma. Kapil who has been given one-month contract extension canceling his 106 crore contract renewal or in other words last chance to bring all together back as it was. Kapil is trying hard to maintain the TRP for this he roped in Raju Shrivastava and Ehsaan Qureshi to add a new element of humour to the show. But Kapil failing to maintain his own standards he has set for the show. All started after Kapil Sharma reportedly abused Sunil Grover and even hurled shoe on him on the returning flight from the Australian tour.    

Kapil had also said sorry indirectly to Sunil Grover via social media, but Sunil never replied to it. But last night, it seemed Sunil Grover was in a mood to take a jibe at Kapil and added fuel to fire in the ongoing spat between the two by posting a pic of his shoe on Instagram and captioned it, "Shoe Size US 10." In the pic, Sunil is seen wearing heavy boots. The timing of the picture makes it clear to all its for friend-turned-foe Kapil Sharma, who was accused of hurling a shoe at Sunil on the returning flight. from Australia tour

Take a look at the post:


If reports in media to be believed Sunil might come back with his own show with his last show co-star Chandan Prabhakar, who played 'Chandu Chaiwala' on The Kapil Sharma Show.