OMG.. Bhootni scares SRK!

MUMBAI: Anushka Sharma's Phillauri is set to hit theaters this Friday and the actress is finding a new way daily to promote her movie, Anushka who plays a friendly ghost named Shashi in the movie. She had been posting edited images of some places and famous events where she never went but appeared with her Shashi character. Last time she posted an Oscar 2017 photo sharing her Oscar experience and captioning it, "Yeh log mujhe sun nahin paye, main toh kab se Hindi mein keh rahi thi ki naam galat likha hai". 

And in her latest way to promote her movie, she this time Anushka entered Shah Rukh Khan 's house while SRK set out to prove that ghosts don't exist. The superstar shot the video himself, holding a selfie stick saying I am making this video because people nowadays have become a lot more superstitious and feel that they are surrounded by supernatural beings. There are no ghosts actually," Shah Rukh says in the video, but suddenly Anushka's character Shashi shocks SRK.

Shashi took SRK by surprise and then Anushka introduces herself as Shashi, saying she is a big fan of King Khan. Shashi just didn't spook SRK but went on to flirt a little with him.

Shah Rukh then requests fans to watch the film, which will release on Friday.