OMG! Another Indian woman sold in Saudi Arbia, daughter pleads for rescue

New Delhi: In yet another horrifying incident another woman from Hyderabad has been sold in Saudi Arabia on the false promise of a job there. Acute poverty and debt drove her to the foreign shores. Agents Akram and Shafi of the same locality had sent her there on a housemaid visa. 

What she saw there was different. Her Kafil actually bought her for 3 lakhs and is now forcing her into a contract marriage.

She started messaging to her daughter Sameena of the horrifying tales of her torture there. Talking to media Sameena narrated the tale of torture to the media and pleaded for help. The local police, allegedly, were not if much help.Daughter says that her mom wants to return home but er Kafil is not allowing. The police have failed to take any action and only once they called Akram. Akram had promised that he would bring her mother back by February, but nothing has happened yet.