OMG.. Alia Bhatt stuck with drunk man at 3am in the night!

New Delhi: Actors are often mobbed or even stalked by their crazy fans. In such situations, their bodyguard plays the important role who comes to their rescue. But what would an actor feel when his/her own bodyguard becomes a threat to themselves. The same thing happened with Badrinath Ki Dulhania actress Alia Bhatt while she was returning home at night. Here's what happened...

According to the media reports, the incident took place at 3 am when Alia Bhatt was returning from her boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra’s house in Bandra.

As per the report, Alia called her bodyguard so that she could be escorted out. But her bodyguard didn't respond to her.

After several calls from Alia, finally, her bodyguard picked up the phone and she was on her way back home, with the drunk bodyguard sitting next to her. 

When Alia asked him the reason for such a long delay answering her calls, the bodyguard stammered and his breath smelled of liquor and he failed to give any satisfactory answer.  

Instantly Alia realized that her bodyguard was drunk but she didn’t confront him then, as she was scared that he might cause her harm in his drunken state. 


After reaching home, Alia confronted the bodyguard about his drunk state and highly unacceptable behaviour. 

Later Alia told her mother Soni Razdan about the whole incident. On next morning, Soni called the bodyguard and fired him.