OMG! This BJP MP in a honey trap?

New Delhi: When an MP of the ruling government actually got honey-trapped by a woman whose extortion calls started giving him sleepless nights, he had no other option than to rush to the police to rescue.

His side of te story is equally interesting; he says that a woman in need called him and he went to her house. There his drink was laced and then the worst happened. He was filmed in compromising positions and this bait is being used by the woman to blackmail him. The woman, he said that she would release the video and pictures in media if the amount was delivered. And allegedly the woman has asked for a whopping 5 crores.

Seeing that he is badly entangled in the trap laid for him, the MP has now sought help from Delhi police. Special Commissioner Mukesh Meena confirmed of one such case being investigated.

This case reportedly is said to bring to light a high profile prostitution racket and big names mat tumble out.