Olly Murs hates being single

Los Angeles: Singer Olly Murs hates being single but is comforted by the fact his break-up helped inspire his new music. "I hate being single. It's not really where I want to be. (But) because of the heartbreak, it's nice to give the fans something different...I want to be a bit more bold (in the music) and for people to see I'm not just this cheeky guy who sings happy songs all the time," Murs told HELLO! Magazine. "I don't get frustrated by that because it is who I am but it was important for me to grow as an artiste. You get to a point where you think, 'I have been through a break-up'. The last couple of albums I hadn't. I was in love and I was happy, so those are the songs you do," he added.  And the former "The X Factor" presenter admits he felt "clunky" between him and Francesca for a while before they split. He said: "You grow apart. It wasn't right. When you're with someone it should feel right and at times it did feel a little bit clunky during last year. I was doing 'The X Factor' and had a lot on my plate. She was busy. We weren't seeing each other very much. It was just hard." But the 32-year-old is hoping he can learn from his failed relationship when he finds love again as it was his first experience of dating in the spotlight, reports femalefirst.co.uk. "It was my first proper relationship in this job, this weird world that I am in, doing music and being famous. It was weird for her and me to figure it all out. When I'm with my next partner... you learn from the mistakes," he said.