Oh God..This VC wanted Rs 60000-chair, look what he did for it

New Delhi: Education makes you humble; so goes a traditional saying. But this may well be an adage of the past. Because a  Vice Chancellor of Haridwar University wanted to sit on a branded chair costing Rs 60,000.

But when he was denied the same citing budget constraints he preferred sitting on the mattress laid on the floor to do his daily work. The mattress on the floor is the official seat for Peeyush Kant Dixit of Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. 

And he says this is his protest, as the chair on which he was sitting earlier broke and after that he was not given the chair of his choice. After he made his demand for the branded chair, he was asked by the finance department to go for a cheaper model. To this, he responded by saying that a branded chair would fulfill the needs of quality, health and comfort.

As of now, he continues to sit on the chair and the finance department says that it is helpless as they don't have the budget.