Oh God..Rs 2000/ Rs 500 notes will have expiry date?

New Delhi: Expiry dates should be printed on big currency notes as it would help prevent hoarding, a LokSabha member suggested on Thursday

Jayadev Galla (TDP), while participating in a discussionon Finance Bill 2017 to consider the five amendments carried out by the Rajya Sabha, suggested that "big currency notes can have expiry date so that we can have demonetisation from time to time."

  Observing that his idea was novel, Galla said that Rs 200notes should be introduced while Rs 2000 notes should be withdrawn.    Galla also said that in order to motivate the tax-payers,some facilities should be provided to them. The government had scrapped old currency of Rs 500 andRs 1,000 on November 8, 2016 and replaced them with new Rs500 and Rs 2,000 notes.