Oh God..Apple did this to iTunes!

San Francisco: In line with the companys renewed interest in the podcasting area, Apple has dropped the iTunes name from its Podcasts app and has rebranded it as "Apple Podcasts".

"The new term applies to both the iTunes podcast directory and the Podcasts iPhone and iPad app. Also an official Twitter account has been rebranded to @ApplePodcasts," appleinsider.com reported on Friday. 

The company has also revised its marketing guidelines. Now use the "Listen on Apple Podcasts" badge or the Apple Podcasts icon whenever you promote your show or episodes on Apple Podcasts.

The badge can be used in promotions on -- web pages, social media, apps and printed materials. 

"The company could also support paid subscriptions, whether for individual shows or by offering a first-party plan with access to premium content," the report added.