Oh God! PM Modi is very angry, takes 'class' of BJP MPs

New Delhi:  A disciplined man himself Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very angry at the indiscipline  of his own MPs. PM himself takes Parliamentary proceedings very seriously and wants BJP MPs to do the same. On Tuesday, he expressed "unhappiness" over the absence of MPs from the house and asked them to ensure their presence.

Modi told the BJP parliamentary party meeting that he can do anything for the MPs but he cannot mark their presence.

"Being present in the house is the basic responsibility of the members," a BJP leader at the meeting quoted Modi as saying.

The Prime Minister's remark came after Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar raised the issue of members' absence from the house, saying it caused unnecessary issues for the government due to lack of quorum.

"I can understand that as MPs you have lot of work. But your presence in the house is necessary," Modi said.

The Prime Minister also shared a road map of the future activities of the party including its foundation day on April 6 and Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar's birth anniversary on April 14.

Modi said the party has over 11 crore members and they needed to be activated. The members will be asked to join panchayat and municipal level meetings on April 6.

"All BJP MPs, ministers and party functionaries from Centre to states and panchayat level will participate in these meetings," Ananth Kumar said.