Odd-even formula: Air pollution levels in Delhi drop by 300 per cent

New Delhi: Saturday recorded a drop of 300 percent in air pollution levels in some parts of Delhi as compared to last year, proving the odd-even scheme a major success.

However, the real test of the scheme will be on Monday as offices will reopen after a long weekend.

The scheme states that odd dates belong to odd cars and even dates belong to even cars.

On Saturday, the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia was seen going to his office in a bicycle. Sisodia, whose car bears an odd registration number, cycled to the All India Radio office at 8.30 am from his residence and then pedalled down to Delhi Secretariat after taking part in a radio show there.

"My aim is that if this odd even formula has been implemented in Delhi for 15 days, it must be followed. And that people look for alternatives to travel to work and other places. I for example have an odd numbered car and so on an even day I will use my cycle," he said.

The other AAP ministers too availed public transport and motorcycle to reach to their respective offices.

News24 Bureau