Lucknow: UP CM Yogi Adityanath is giving tough competition to PM Narendra Modi in terms of style. Yogi’s kurta is the new fashion statement from UP to Bihar, at least as far as the BJP workers are concerned.

It is not just the workers of Yogi’s Hindu Vahini, but even Yogi ministers and BJP workers who are trying to outdo each other in a ‘rang de mohe gerua’ race in Yogi style kurta. This is evident in a photograph which shows Yogi surrounded by ‘bhagwa donning’ MLAs.

Yogi is in proved by the orders received by his hitherto unknown Gorakhpur-based tailor, Kapoor Chand Tailor. The tailor says that despite the workers 24X7, he is unable to meet the growing demand. The waiting timing for customers at his shop has jumped exponentially.