Now, a 3-parent baby!

New Delhi: Believe it not, but it is true! Five months ago, a boy was born in Mexico who has three parents. The birth of the 3-parent boy is detailed in a study published Tuesday in a scientific journal. The baby boy was born on April 6 in Mexico. He was conceived using spindle nuclear transfer technique. The baby is reported to be healthy. The baby, born to Muslim Jordanian parents, contains DNA from three parents. The technique ensured that a deadly genetic condition passed down to him by his mother. The entire procedure was done by a team led by Dr John Zhang, who founded the New Hope Fertility Center in New York. The spindle nuclear transfer technique was legalised in the UK last year, it's still banned in the US. It helps parents with rare genetic mutations to have healthy babies, by replacing a mother's faulty mitochondrial DNA with another woman's during the IVF process. This is the only way to help women with mitochondrial disease to have a healthy baby. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down by women to the new born. There are many ways to produce three-parent' babies. One inolves fertilising both the mother's egg and a donor's egg with the father's sperm. Before fertilised eggs get divided into embryos, donor's egg nucleus is replaced with mother's nucleus. This ensures fertilised egg with healthy mitochondria and mother's DNA. The boy's parents are Muslims so they were against destroying a fertilsed egg. So in this case nucleus transfer was done before the egg fertilised.