Nothing like a Taim-Taim pic to ward off the blues!

What better way to make a gloomy Wednesday look happening suddenly? Well, you just need pictures of internet’s current favourite baby, Taimur (fondly called Taim-Taim).

The little munchkin was pictured with mommy dearest Kareena Kapoor Khan outside Amrita Arora’s residence where we had an opportunity to photograph the star kid at his candid best.

A happy looking Taimur flaunting his million dollar smile is like a treat for sore eyes. We have seen him cry and we have seen him grumpy, but a smiling Taimur beats everything else. He was definitely in a very jolly mood as he got out of the car, probably happy to meet his aunt, Amrita and her kids.

At a recent interview, Kareena revealed that she is absolutely spun on her kid. She says that after her birth her life is no longer her own. 

She says, "... (My heart) it beats in this gorgeous looking boy, I see every night sleep and everything is in his two tiny little hands," Kareena said.

Saif was so tense seeing Bebo in that state. They (remained) strong and stuck to their decision to name him 'Taimur'. Today, he is the love of the country and of the world," she said.

She also said that he was to be named Faiz. Question is, would he have made the headlines had he been named a common name like Faiz??? Absolutely! 

There isn't a factor that combats against unsullied genes! The minute his pictures surfaced on social media, he began to make the news. The goulash of talent and looks (filtering in from the Pataudi-Kapoor clans) are a sight to see! Perfection, personified. 


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