No stay order from Delhi High Court on ITC suit: Britannia

New Delhi/Kolkata: Britannia Industries Ltd on Wednesday said the Delhi High Court did not issue any stay order, as of now, on ITC Ltd's suit, alleging that they had copied the colour combination of ITC's digestive biscuit packs for its recently launched product. "The matter came up for hearing before Delhi High Court on August 22, 2016 and August 24, 2016. The next date of hearing is August 31, 2016. No injunction (stay) has been granted as of now," the biscuit maker said in a filing to BSE. According to the filing, "ITC has filed a suit against Britannia Industries Limited at Delhi High Court alleging that Britannia is copying the colour combination of ITC's 'Sun Feast Farmlite Digestive-All Good' biscuits packs for its 'Nutri Choice Digestive Zero' biscuit packs". Britannia did not make any further comment on this matter as the matter is before a court.