No need to refill gas cylinder, LPG tank now in your home

New Delhi, Dec 5: Soon you will not need to buy a full gas cylinder once your LPG cylinder is over. Petroleum Ministry is working on a scheme under which the storage facility will be developed at your home.  What this means is that the oil companies will store LPG in your premises at their own cost and you will have to just use the LPG as per your need. Under this scheme you will only pay for the amount of gas you use, and not for the whole cylinder. 

Under this innovative scheme, a device will be attached to the cylinder which will be connected to a smartmeter, and as per reading you will just have to pay for the amount of gas that you have actually uses. This will benefit consumers who do tot want to pay for a full cylinder in one go, and this will work on use-per-pay-basis nechanism. A Kenyan company is working on this technology and has given a proposal to Indian government to implement the scheme in India. The Petroleum Ministry will soon start a pilot project to increase usage of LPG in the country, especially in the rural areas.