No internet means no holiday for Kris Jenner

Los Angeles:Reality TV star Kris Jenner skipped a family holiday to Cuba because there was no internet. Kris told her daughters Kim and Khloe Kardashian that she couldn't go with them and their sister Kourtney Kardashian because she had too much work to do and needed to be able to communicate with the outside world, reports On one of the soon to be aired episodes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", Kim said: "We decided we all want to go." Kris then warned: "I will tell you guys that there is no internet." But social media queen Kim said: "We're with our whole family, who needs to call anyone?" Kris added: "Me! I'm not going to Cuba if there's no communication. I have work to do." But Khloe hit back: "'You don't communicate either way. Can't reach you." Away from her daughters, Kris admitted she was feeling anxious about her family going to Cuba because she wouldn't be able to contact them. Internet access and content remain severely restricted in Cuba, with only a very small percentage of Cubans, about 5 per cent, enjoying web access at home, according to a BBC report.