No fly List: You cannot fly if you are doing this..

New Delhi: The need to come out with a national no-fly list comes in the wake of the unruly behaviour of Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad who has allegedly assaulted an Air India staff. Many airlines had banned him from flying. A committee has been set-up to make the final draft and one month time will be given to the public for their response.

RN Choubey, Secretary Civil Aviation announced the list of dos and don'ts saying that this is the corresponding suspension for unruly behaviour:

-Have put instances of unruly behaviour into 3 categories,

- Level 1 will be disruptive behaviour like physical gestures etc

-Level 2 will be physically abusive behaviour like pushing, kicking, sexual harassment etc

- Level 3 for life-threatening behaviour

-Punishment for unruly behaviour into 3 categories,1st category is 3 months, level 2- 6 months, level 3- 2 yrs or more

-Airline can ban the passenger from flying immediately, but the passenger won’t come on national no-fly list immediately: Civil Aviation

-Punishment of suspension for unruly behavior applies to domestic carrie if international carriers want this input, can use