No Aadhar, No Mobile Connection!

New Delhi: The importance of Aadhar is growing exponentially weith every passing day. Soon, you will not get a mobile connection without Aadhar. The government has asked the telecom companies to link SIM cards with Aadhaar number, sources said.

"The Department of Telecom has already issued notices to telecom companies asking them to ensure that the SIM card of the mobile subscribers is linked to his/her Aadhaar card," a media report said quoting sources. the process will be over within a year, sources added.

Both, prepaid and postpaid, customers will have to be re-verified by the telecom operators. The telcos will likely take the SMS route for re-verification. Telecom operators will send verification codes to its customers.

Already government has moved ahead with a plan to make Aadhar mandatory for IT returns and PAN cards.

Supreme Court had recently asked the Centre to link all mobile numbers to Aadhaar within a year.