No Aadhaar,No Property:PM Modi will now jail benami property holders

New Delhi, Nov 21: After taking the black cash hoarders to task, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to crack the whip the on benami property holders. To make life hell for those holding benami properties, the Modi government will soon make quoting of Aadhaar mandatory for all property transactions. In fact for the fisrt time a Modi minister has come out in the open about it.     

Modi government's effort is to weed out black money from the reality sector while eradicating benami transactions. “Seeding Aadhaar to property transaction is a great idea but I’m not going to make an announcement on that. We are already linking Aadhaar to bank accounts, etc, and we can take some additional steps for property market also,” Union Housing Minister Hardeep Puri was quoted as saying. One of the ways to do this is to link Aadhaar with property purchase and sale.  “Absolutely that’s the way its heading anyways. I have no doubt that it will happen,” Puri added.

Pri dropped clear hints that large value peoperty transactions are on radar. “There is no economy in the world that is entirely cash-less. However, people do not feel the need of carrying large wads of cash around in economies that have stable system. That’s the way we are heading,” he minister said.