Nirbhaya's soul is in peace now, recalls magistrate who recorded her dying declaration

New Delhi: Usha Chaturvedi, the then sub-divisional magistrate who recorded her dying declaration recalled after the Supreme Court upheld death penalty of four convicts, Vinay Sharma (23), Akshay Thakur (31), Mukesh (29) and Pawan Gupta (22). Lying on hr death bed Nirbhaya had just one wish: The rapists must pay, they should be burnt alive, not hanged.

The verdicts in the Nirbhaya Rape case is out yesterday and SC upholds the earlier order of death sentence to four Nirbhaya Case Convicts. This means that the Nibhaya Case convicts will be hanged. SC said 'taking the serious injuries, the severe nature of the offence committed by the convicts,  we are upholding the sentence'. The act and assault were so brutal that the girl slipped into a vegetative state and no amount of efforts could save her life. Such was the furore and angry outbursts of the entire nation that this led to the drafting of the 2013 Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2013, which later was known as the Nirbhaya Act.