News24Exclusive:Dawood on ventilator, may die any moment

Avinash Pandey, Mumbai: India's enemy number one is about to die. Yes, ypou have read it right. The mastermind of Mumbai blasts is on ventilator after the operation to remove brain tumour failed, sources close to Dawood have told News24.    

According to sources, Dawood suffered a major paralysis attack around 20 days ago. At that time Dawood was at his home in posh Clifton area of Karachi. After the attack, right part of Dawood's body is now completely paralysed. Close aide Chhota Shakeel is at his bedside, and is taking care of the don on death bed.

Then Dawood was taken to hospital on April 22 for an operation to remove his brain tumour. Though top Pakistan surgeons performed the operation, but it failed. Since thenthe notorious don with terror links is on ventilator. the Indian intelligence agencies are keeping a close watch on the situation.  

Since the news broke out, hectic activities are being seen at the house of Dawood's brother Iqbal Kaskar. relatives are pouring to inquire about dawood's health. Special prayers are being held for his speedy recovery.  

Interestingly, years ago the family had booked a place for Dawood at the Churney Road graveyard here. Dawood's father was also laid to rest here. However, it is unlikely that Dawood's body will brought here after his death.