News24 salutes clean-Mumbai beach man Afroz Shah

New Delhi, Nov 27: He is man with a mission. Afroz Shah is a lawyer by profession, but decided to protect the environment by cleaning the Mumbai beaches. What began as a single man mission, soon became Mumbaikars' agenda. Thousands joined him, and the becahes were never the same again. In recognition of his efforts News 24 honoured Afroz Shah. He was conferred with the Jashn-e-Youngistan Samman for Protecting Environment by Patanjali MD Acharya Balkrishna.  

The award is part of News24's unique initiative to appreciate and encourage the dynamic young power of the country as it is the youth in whose hands lie the future of a nation. The Young India is laying the foundation of a New India, an India that is making a world-wide impression. News24 has thus taken the lead in promoting and honouring the youth of India with its first edition of Jashn-e-Youngistan.New