#News24Conclave: Wrong to assume that Modi does not allow his ministers to speak: Gadkari

Today marks the two years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government in office. On this occasion Union Road Transport and Highways and Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari has urged to give at least 5 years time to review the performance of Modi government. While speaking at New24Conclave Gadkari said, "You gave 10 years time to Congress. We have only completed just two years time and you have started reviewing our performance. Give us at least 5 years of time."

On being asked whether ministers in Modi Cabinet are afraid of him, the minister said, "PM Modi's style of working is democratic. Under his leadership all ministers are doing well. If Modi works better then it is obvious that ministers under him will also work better. He has given complete freedom to everyone in his cabinet so that they can work effectively and efficiently. He gives complete opportunity to others to speak their viewpoint in the cabinet meeting. It is a wrong to assume that he does not give others chance to speak."

On the development of transportation sector the leader said there have been considerable achievements. "Earlier 2 km road used to be constructed everyday and the figure has now gone up to 45 km per day which is a great achievement. We have prepared a number of plans to encourage tourism as well.

Gadkari also spoke on the recent ban of diesel taxis in the national Capital. "If we ban diesel taxis how the owner of the taxis will pay the installments. Where the owner of these diesel taxis will find work for them if we ban the taxis?

While speaking on judiciary Gadkari said, "We should not interfere in each other's functioning. The job of parliament is to make laws. However, if court keeps calling us non-democratic every now and then, it will only create difficulties for the ruling government. Effective cooperation, coordination and communication are necessary to complete a job. However, it is not my job to show direction to the judges of court."

The minister also spoke on the recent controversy of shifting IPL match venue from Maharashtra. "If IPL match had taken place in Maharashtra, it would have benefited Latur region. The match money could have benefited the region."