New rules for visitors at Taj Mahal: Pay extra if you spend more than 3 hours

Taj Mahal

New Delhi, June 12: Now visitors can no more loiter around at the Taj Mahal for hours. As per implementation of new rules a visitor can stay at the Taj Mahal only for three-hours, while exceeding the time-limit may result in extra charges.

Superintending archeologist, ASI (Agra circle), Vasant Swarankar told TOI, "With the turnstile gates functioning for some time now, the three-hour restriction from entry time to exit is being strictly enforced from Sunday."

Swarankar told TOI has confirmed that now there are 24 turnstile gates in total. The entry point has 14 gates - seven on the east and west gates. While at the exit points there are 10 such gates installed.

The time slot restriction was introduced on April last year by the ASI which was hampered because of a rift between the local administration and some right-wing organisations.

All the tickets sold for the entring Taj Mahal have a time specified on them the authorities did not check untill now.

"If tourists exceed their time limit of three hours, they will be charged an extra amount equivalent to the ticket, which will have to be paid at the exit gate," Swarankar told TOI.

Swarankar said that if the visitors won't be allowed entry if they don't abide by the time mentioned on the ticket and they will have to buy a new ticket.

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