Never seen before pics of Salman Khan's Judwaa

As the release date of Judwa 2 is coming closer, memories of original Judwa are getting refreshed. The 1997 comedy film that became the inspiration of Judwa 2 was filled with several memorable moments that left every one in splits. 

The nostalgia factor surrounding Salman's Judwa has touched a new high. So, check out some of the most rare pictures of Sallu's Judwa here: 

Salman Khan played the role of twins who got separated during their birth in this comedy picture, which was inspired by 1992 film ‘Twin Dragons’. The film had them living their lives as different as chalk and cheese, until this moment. Hilariously placed in the men’s restroom, the twins unite in a twist of fate as they empty their bladders. This scene is memorable for its great timing and placement of the whole reveal.