Never do this or your WhatsApp account will be blocked

New Delhi, Jan 12, News24 Bureau: Reports, after reports are pointing out the misfortune of child pornography on Facebook-owned WhatsApp, with clips shared across private groups in India, as well as worldwide WhatsApp, is seemingly fighting back. WhatsApp has blocked and removed over 1,30,000 accounts in just  Ten days recently in a bid to clamp down on people sharing child pornography. facebook owned WhatsApp removed the accounts after using AI tools it found that the accounts were probably indulged in various illegal activities.

Additional to blocking and removing the accounts WhatsApp has as well shared the information related to these accounts to  National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children in the USA so that if law enforcement agencies need pertinent information in investigating child pornography they can get.

 Messages on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, that means WhatsApp cannot look into what people are sharing. But its engineering applications are now using AI-based tools, which can easily look at the unencrypted information such as profile photos, group profile photos, and group information in order to flag off potential abusers. The Company is as well using a technique called PhotoDNA, which is used by Facebook to identify pornography and abusive images, to identify WhatsApp groups or users who could be potentially sharing child porn.

In a statement after reports came out that WhatsApp has become infested with customers and groups in India who are sharing child pornography, WhatsApp says that zero tolerance for people who misuse its application. "WhatsApp has a zero-tolerance policy around child sexual abuse. We deploy our most advanced technology, including artificial intelligence to scan profile photos and actively ban accounts suspected of sharing this vile content. We also respond to law enforcement requests in India and around the world. Sadly, because both app stores and communications services are being misused to spread abusive content, technology companies must work together to stop it," a WhatsApp spokesperson told.

WhatsApp as well responded to the reports of how WhatsApp customers were finding child porn through third-party applications which allowed them to look for WhatsApp groups. It says that WhatsApp does not provide any search feature for groups. The company notes that WhatsApp does not provide a search function for users or groups, nor do they encourage publication of invite links to private groups. WhatsApp is as well working with Google and Apple in order to ensure that third-party applications that hook into WhatsApp or allow sharing of group links do not feature on lay stores and iOS.Although, it is very important to note that while WhatsApp is taking various measures to limit how one can look groups on the chat application, it has yet to address a long-standing complaint from customers related to how anybody can add any WhatsApp users to a group. If someone has a user's number, not only that customer can be added to a WhatsApp group without his or her permission but can also be automatically made the group admin if the original admin leaves.

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