Negation of integrity paralyses public institutions: Ex-official

New Delhi:Widespread negation of integrity prevalent in all private and public spheres paralyses each and every public institution, says a top former government official. "Due to widespread negation of integrity, every public institution is paralysed and existence diminished. All world leaders and people can resolutely make integrity a way of normal life," writes Ashok Mohapatra, who retired as Secretary, Ministry of Shipping, in his book. Published by Heritage Publications, the book 'The idea of integrity - A layman's explorations' was released by former Union Minister Jagmohan in the presence of former Attorney General Soli Sorabjee and Rajya Sabha MP Karan Singh. Mohapatra, a 1972-batch Himachal Pradesh cadre Indian Administrative Service officer, says integrity is not a mirage but a living value fundamental to life.  "Although every intelligent person understands what integrity is, it is difficult to arrive at a precise meaning valid in all circumstances. This book explores its meaning from a layman's point of view, steering clear of abstruse philosophical theories," Mohapatra says. "The book examines the ways to restore integrity. The layman's everyday judgement and action constituting his life and determining his values are at the centre of this book," he says.  The former government official explores the many constitutive values like justice, equality, selflessness and truthfulness, and also examines the contradictions which coexist in the idea of integrity.  The book positions the individual as the moral agent who is finally responsible for deciding an act of integrity on each occasion.