Navjot wants to serve only Punjab, says Wife

New Delhi: Navjot Kaur said, "He must have talked to them, only he knows. Let him state his plans in a press conference." "I have talked to him, but let certain things come from his side," she said.

Asked if it was the right move on his part, Navjot Kaur said, "He is a spiritual man and everything he does is after listening to his inner conscience. And if his inner conscience is saying that he has to serve Punjab without any condition and without asking for anything, let it be so. He has a better vision for Punjab and let the people decide." When asked if it was the end of the road for Sidhu in the BJP, Kaur emphatically said, "Yes". When again asked about her plans, she said, "Let me see what take he has, let him come out and say what he has to say in a press conference and then let me take my decision."

"I follow him blindly... But at the moment, I am working as MLA," she said. When pointed out that they were being dubbed as opportunists by some opponents, Navjot Kaur said, "There is no question of asking for any position. He is not coming on anycondition or wanting any position. He is just saying I want to serve Punjab."

Kaur indicated that Sidhu had been ignored and not given any major role by BJP in Punjab. "He has always wanted to serve Punjab, that's been his only aim. If he is given option to work anywhere other than Punjab he does not want that. BJP had enough time to bring him to the forefront (in Punjab). But if they thought that he doesn't deserve it and he is not such a kind of a person who can do something for BJP in Punjab, so let it be so".

Asked if BJP leaders had approached her, she said, "Nobody talked to me since my phone was switched off". To another question, she said for the past three years they she has been saying that BJP should separate from the Akalis, but that has not happened. PTI