Natalie Portman helps in women empowerment through education

Los Angeles, Actress Natalie Portman want to empower women by motivating them and their families to take education seriously.

The 35-year-old "Black Swan" star is working for the cause in collaboration with "WE," an organization running a moment to empower individuals with the help of education, reported People magazine. 

"So I did some research and saw that WE previously known as Free the Children  was really the most efficient and effective school creator. In 2015, I traveled to Kenya in support of WE's Power of a Girl project and was able to see the ripple effect that a girl's education can have.

"WE has young people in developed countries  primarily in North America  raising money to build schools for their peers in developing countries like Kenya, China, and India. It's an amazing way to engage young people," Portman said.