NASA reveals ethereal images of Pluto's north pole

New Delhi: National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) has revealed ethereal images of Pluto's north pole.

The images were captured by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft at a range of 33,900 kilometers from Pluto and cover an area of 1,200 kilometers.

The images show parts of the Lowell region, which is named after the Percival Lowell, whose observatory led to Pluto's discovery.

High elevations show up in a distinctive yellow colour, not seen elsewhere on Pluto.

“NewHorizons' infrared measurements show methane ice is abundant across Lowell Region and there is relatively little nitrogen ice,” NASA said in a release.

“One possibility is that the yellow terrains may correspond to older methane deposits that have been more processed by solar radiation than the bluer terrain,” New Horizons composition team lead from Lowell Observatory Will Grundy said in a statement.

News24 Bureau