My family gets deeply effected by trolls: Zareen Khan

 Actress Zareen Khan says she is glad that her mother isn't on social media as she will get disturbed with the way she (Zareen) gets trolled. "Trolls don't realise that whatever they write not only affects us but also affects our family and friends. I am very thankful for the fact that my mother is not on social media because such bad and abusive comments would definitely disturb her," Zareen said in a statement.  "I have seen Taapsee's 'MTV Troll Police' episode. I feel this is a great initiative and a great thing that MTV has come up with to help people who are targeted without any reason. There is a certain section of people in our society who hide behind the anonymity of Internet and troll people like me," said Zareen, who made her Bollywood debut with "Veer".  On her biggest troll, she said: "I am surprised to see my biggest troll. He is just 23 years old. The world is his oyster .. He should concentrate on his life but instead what he is doing is criminal level trolling. I feel sorry for him." She has a subtle warning for all trolls. "In the world of social media no one can hide. The power of social media is so strong that you will be tracked."

Veteran Actor, Rishi Kapoor, has defended his family numerous times from twitteratti - whether it was his son's flop films or grandson Taimur's name." He is also the most outspoken about him being trolled and doesn't shy away from replying. Speaking about his argument with people on Twitter, Rishi Kapoor said, “Who cares! Do you think I give a damn to these trolls or what they say? These so-called trolls feel very important if you [any celebrity] react or respond to their tweet. So, I don’t let them have that moment of joy. Everything is okay but the moment you abuse me, or you offend me, I would do nothing but simply shut you off. We are famous, but we are also hardworking and we realise we have a family name to protect."  

Thus, social media seems to be a double-sided sword of sorts.