Muslims producing more kids because of PM Modi: Azam Khan

New Delhi: Trust veteran Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan to come up with a 'gem'. Now, he has blamed PM Narendra Modi for the rising Muslim population.    

Speaking at a rally in Allahabad claimed that Muslims had more children because they were unemployed.

Azam Khan said that Muslims are producing more children since they are jobless. “Had badshah (emperor) Modi paid more heed to giving Muslims employment, the Muslims would have not produced so much. Sitting idle, Muslims have no work but to give birth to more children," the SP leader said at a rally in Allahabad.

He alluded that PM Modi is a liar. "The Prime Minister made a false promise to people that (black) money (stashed in foreign banks) will be deposited in their bank accounts but nothing of the sort happened. Badshah is never a liar and if he is a liar, he is not a Badshah," Azam Khan added.

The SP leader said that PM Modi's note ban has hurt poor the most. "Because of note ban, thousands of labourers lost their jobs, schools and universities suffered and the country is on the verge of going bankrupt, mothers committed suicide and daughters' weddings could not take place, 200 people lost their lives standing in queues outside the banks. Modiji did very bad with the poor," he said.