Muslim farmer gives land for Modi's rally

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi’s popularity among ordinary Muslims seems to be on the rise. A farmer a Muslim farmer in UP happily offered his land for Modi’s rally in Bahraich. This follows BJP’s rally in Sambhal, UP, where Mulsims weer heard shouting “Modi Zindabad” with BJP flags in hand. 

For the propose rally in Bahraich, 120 bigha land was needed. But local BJP fell short of requirement by few bighas. They approached local farmers, who agreed happily. One of  the farmers is a Muslim. The farmers reportedly said that  Modi  they are willing to sacrifice their produce for Modi as he is doing  a great job in putting nation on the right path. “ Country needs a correction now, we  can have the crops next year,” farmers told local BJP leaders. BJP’s Parivartan Rally is to be held on December 11. (News24Bureau)