Mumbai Shocked.. Body of aspiring model found in suitcase

Deepak Dubey/Mumbai, Oct 15: The Bangur Nagar police arrested a man for murdering an aspiring model and stuffing her body inside a suitcase. According to the police, the accused, identified as Muzammil Ibrahim, a 20 years old Student who studies in Hyderabad and had come to Mumbai to his family. 

Prima Facie Police believes that there was some scuffle between the victim and the accused. Police said that Ibrahim smashed Dixit’s head with a hammer, killing her on the spot. To ensure she was dead, Ibrahim then strangled her. He then stuffed the body into a suitcase and booked a cab online for Mumbai international airport.

Victim girl has also been identified, she belongs to Rajasthan. Her name Mansi Dixit , she was from Punjab. Police is investigating the matter further. They are looking into the matter that how did the girl know the accused and what was the reason behind their scuffle and another related thing.

Ibrahim was booked. “Further investigation of the case is under progress.

News24 Bureau