Mumbai local: Now, a 5-minute pizza at stations

Mumbai: The 2-minutes noodles are a passé. A 5-minute pizza is in. Guess what,  it's happening in Amchi Mumbai. For this really fast food,  Any Time Pizza machines are being installed at Mumbai local stations by IRCTC, and sales will start within a month .     The pizzas, with four topping options, will be priced between Rs 220 to Rs 330. Initially, the machines will be    Mumbai pizza lovers will see the making of pizza live at local stations. Pizza will be baked in a three-chambered machine once the order is placed. This, IRCTC says is being done to reassure the customers about the quality. The first chamber of machine will have pizza flour, while toppings will be in the second chamber. Third chamber will be the microwave to bake the pizza.