Movie review : Jai Gangajal

Director: Prakash Jha Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Jha, Manav Kaul Stars: 3/5

Review The much-anticipated cop drama of the year is out and Priyanka Chopra is back in action. Directed by Prakash Jha, 'Jai Gangaajal' is a sequel to Ajay Devgan starrer 'Gangaajal'.

The movie basically revolves around the idea of a good cop trying to bring order in an area ruled by corrupt politicians.

'Jai Gangaajal' features Priyanka Chopra as SP Abha Mathur, who is constitution-bound to protect the people of Bankepur district and her fellow policeman BN Singh (being played by Prakash Jha), who has sold his soul to the local MLA (Manav Kaul).

Chopra, India's rising star, tries her best to elevate this 'Chor-Police' drama into an engaging film. However, director Prakash Jha, with his maverick cop part is the real show stealer. He is endearingly sincere and makes a last impression in the minds of the audience.

Jai Gangaajal is packed with issues like corporate greed, obligation ridden farms, untamed urban communities and frustrated civilians. However there's no specific bearing to every one of that chaos.

If you are a PC fan, you would definitely love to see her kick bad guys into submission.

News24 Bureau