Mother Teresa canonisation: Miracles that made Mother Teresa a saint

New Delhi: Mother Teresa's cannonisation is one of the fastest in recent times. Let us look at the miracles that qualified Mother Teresa for being a Saint. 

Mother Teresa's Miracle No 1

The first mircale involved a tribal woman, Monica Besra, from West Bengal. Monica was suffering from an abdominal tumor. It is said that the severity was such that the doctors had given up hope of  saving her life. After that she was taken care of  by the Missionaries of Charity. By this time Monica's condition had declined to a point that she was no longer able to sleep because of the pain. It is claimed that on Mother's first detah anniversary in 1998,  sisters at the Missionaries of Charity home placed a 'Miraculous Medal' on Monica's stomach. This medal was one that was touched to Mother Teresa's body. It is said that after the touch, Monica feel asleep, and when she woke up her pain was gone. When doctors examined Monica, there was no trace of tumor. A mircale was claimed. 


Then as per mircale verification norms, specialists from medical field, along with the Congregation for the causes of Saints, went on to investigate the so called miracle. The team went through the medical records and interviewed the medical staff which was associated with Monica's treatment. The expert panel concluded that the disappearance of tumor cannot be explained medically. Finally on Decemeber 20, 2002, 5 years after Mother's death, Pope John Paul accepted Monica's case as a mircale     

Mother Teresa's Miracle No:2

The second miracle is associated with Brazilian mechanical engineer Marcilio Haddad Andrino. He was suffering from severe brain abscesses following a bacterial infection. His headaches were unbearable. Andrino's priest friend told him and his wife, Fenandra Nascimento Rocha, to seek Mother Teresa's help through prayers. In the meantime, Andrino went into coma. Then doctors decided to go for a brain surgery, only option left to save his life. Heeding to priest's advice, Rocha strated praying. However, when the surgeon went inside the operation Andrino was awake, and in fact questioned the surgeon about what was happening. This was in December 2008. Later Andrino not only recovered completely but beacme father of two children as well. 


 It was a miracle of sorts, since the improvement could not be explained medically. But it was not reported, some say because the surgeon was not a Catholic. It is said that Pope Francis' visit to Brazil in 2013 prompted the surgeon to speak about Andrino's case to a priest. This is how the matter came in public domain, and triggered the chain of events.

 Again the same procedure of miracle verification procedure was followed. Congregation for the Causes of Saints finally accepted the report of medical experts in September 2015 and forwarded it to Pope Francis for approval. Pope Francis accpted the report on December 17, 2015, clearing the Sainthood for Mother Teresa. 

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