Most POPULAR brother sister of Bollywood

New Delhi, Nov 11: Bollywood has many famous siblings who keep making news every now and then and keep the paparazzi busy. Everyone wants to know all details about these famous brothers and sisters. They have achieved big landmark in Bollywood and also give tough competition to each other on professional front as well. Here we give a list of the most famous brother sisters of Bollywood who lead a beautiful life.  

Here are some of the most famous real-life Bollywood brother-sister duo: 

1) Zoya And Farhan: This is one of the strongest duos in the B-town. They have done some amazing movies together and keep improvising their movie quality quotients. Their collective spirit is the reason why regardless of the heavy foreign trips, the movies still cast a spell on the audience.

2) Riddhima Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor: We must tell all of you that Ara, fashion label, has a Kapoor behind it. And it’s none other than Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor's daughter Riddhima Kapoor, who happens to be Ranbir Kapoor’s elder sister. She is very beautiful but despite this chose designing over movies. 

3) Kareena And Ranbir: Well, they may be cousins, but any time they are called on any talk show together, they behave like actual siblings. They not only seem to know about each other’s lifestyles but also take a lot of personal interest in each others well being. That’s hard in a hectic schedule.

4) Arjun And Sonam: Well, how can you forget this young brother-sister duo who are the latest entrant in the industry? They have always had each other’s backs in every struggle and that is a lot especially when paparazzi makes the celeb life difficult.

5) Soha And Saif: This brother-sister duo has known to be very caring for each other and enjoy each others work as well. Even though Soha has had a limited screen time, she has always been encouraging by her brother.

6) Farah And Sajid: This power director duo is one we cannot forget. They both manage to churn out movies faster than light, every year. Mostly comedy movies, we are surprised how both of them share the same love and bring it on the silver screen.