Most dangerous WhatsApp message is here, 10 things you must know

 New Delhi, Jan 11-The biggest fiasco of all time, the "WhatsApp Gold’ fraud one of the 'most dangerous' WhatsApp message which first struck in 2016, is back in India. It is one the biggest bluff message circulated over WhatsApp and is back to fool users one more time. Interestingly, there are several versions of the message. Some of thr messages might redirect you to a certain link, while others could just be a hoax.


things to be kept in mind are:

-Abstain from downloading any other version of WhatsApp other than the one on Play store or IStore, or any link suggesting to download WhatsApp goldThe WhatsApp Gold bluff message compels users to download ‘an update’ for the original WhatsApp version which in fact is a malware, mentioned Venkat Krishnapur, Vice President of Engineering and Managing Director, McAfee India.

-India is the prime target of hackers to spread  ‘virus’ in the form of WhatsApp GoldWhatsApp has subscribers of over 20 Crore in India, which clearly indicates that there is a high possibility of maximum impact being borne by Indian customers, resulting in huge volumes of personal data being compromised, added Krishnapur

-McAfee has alerted against WhatsApp GoldSecurity company McAfee has as well alert against WhatsApp Gold. Customers are being sent WhatsApp messages which is urging them to download ‘an update’ for the messaging application which in reality is a Hoax, malware.

-WhatsApp Gold ‘virus’ proclaims exclusive featuresThe WhatsApp Gold link is promulgated with features like sending a Hundred photos to customers at once, or the ability to delete sent messages without any time variation.

- Another ‘variant’ of WhatsApp Gold claims about a Martinelli videoA different sample of the WhatsApp Gold message reads, “Whatsapp Gold. A video will be launched tomorrow in Whatsapp called Martinelli. DO NOT OPEN it. It’s a virus which goes into your phone and nothing will fix it. Do not update toWhatsapp Gold the virus is dangerous.”

-Another message frightens you  about a video that will crash your Handsetthe best way to avoid it is to delete any kind pf message that you receive on WhatsApp which states that customers shouldn’t open a video named Martinelli as it would hack their phones. It’s a harmless malware and nothing will happen.

-WhatsApp Gold messages are forwarded without any proofWhatsApp Gold malware, hoax message generally comes with “Forwarded” tag on it , without any specific source or legitimacy.

-WhatsApp paid a subscription is not there; So don't get trappedUnderstand that WhatsApp is a free messaging application without any yearly charges and there is no official paid subscription-based version of WhatsApp. If anybody receives any such message to subscribe to WhatsApp do no click on any link in the message. On Google Play Store researchers warn about fake applications which are similar to WhatsApp Gold.

-Users will find some “invites” in order  to join new WhatsApp applicationNote that there are countless fake WhatsApp applications and please be sure to download the verified official application from the Google Play store. Never fall for messages like invitations to third party fake WhatsApp versions.

- Whatsapp Users can be tracked by simply clicking on an image linkA stalker can find Users exact location by simply sending you a multimedia file like an image or GIF on WhatsApp. Never ever download any content from unknown Users.

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