Monthly Therapy of Rs 120 to cure Breast Cancer

When one encounters the word 'cancer' in their daily life, they often jump out of their seats with a fear slowly gripping their soul. Soon, the fear translates into questions in the mind of the patient such as 'Will I be fine, Is it curable, How will I make ends meet, can I afford the treatment' and all, with no answers to them.

India has recorded a significant rise in the cases of breast cancer. In the data published on the website of Population Based Cancer Registry, breast cancer is leading among all the other forms of cancer. It accounts for 30% of all the cancers, resulting in being the most common type of cancer among females.

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The doctors at the Tata Memorial Hospital understood the plight of many who could not afford the cost of treatment and started to decode a cheaper combination of drugs to develop a cure. The hospital conducted a pilot study at their Chiplun based centre, where they came up with a new combination of drugs that cost less than Rs 120 a month.

They based their study on 64 patients. In their research, they stumbled on some startling facts. Women who were taking the doses prescribed by the doctors saw a rise in their five-year survival rate by 90 % as compared to those who were not taking the prescribed doses. This meant that the combination of two anti-cancer drugs and one anti-diabetic drug rose the success rate by 30%.

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Dr Shripad Banavali, professor and head of department of medical oncology, Tata Hospital said 'The findings are remarkable and make a crucial case for metronomic therapy'. The doctors at the hospital are optimistic about this new discovery.

They are hopeful that with this combination, they will be able to give a new lease of life to all those suffering from Breast cancer.