This molestation victim is earning huge praise on social media


New Delhi, July 17: A molestation victim who has posted detailed tweets on the legal process to follow has been creating  waves on social media.

She was molested while travelling on the Shatabdi Express by a drunk co-passenger.

Her efforts have earned widespread praise on social media.

Her tweets have been retweeted more than 3,000 times and ‘liked’ by 4,100 Twitter users.

She begins her Twitter tutorial by informing who to approach on a train after being sexually assaulted.

The woman informs that the travelling ticket examiner of TTE wields the most power on a train.

She also informs that it is important to immediately raise a hue and cry in case of an assault to let other co-passengers know about the situation.

Pointing out that the victims need to write down everything, she also said that  it is important to lodge an FIR and every railway station has a police station.

In case the policemen refuse to accpt an FIR, it is imperative to call up the police control room at 100 or the women’s helpline services and file a Zero FIR.

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