Modi's NARA to tie India together, no party can survive without coalition

New Delhi, May 25: Speaking like a true statesman after being elected as leader of NDA, a formality before he becomes PM again, Narendra Modi said time of performance politics has arrived while caste and religion politics is history. Saying that after his government worked for poor for five years, poor elected his government again.

 Accusing the earlier governments of cheating poor and minorities, Modi said that now his goal will be "sabka vishwas" after "sabka saath, sabkaa vika".  Modi added that coalition politics is a reality now and no party, how so ever big, can ignore regional parties for development of  contry. "National Ambition Regional Aspiration", NARA as he called it, should be new normal now. 

Modi warned the newly acted MPs  not to do loose talks and get intoxicated in power. Serve people with humility should be  the dictum, Modi told new MPs in a stern message. 

Highlights of Narendra Modi speech:

-World should be looking at India, it should not be other way: Modi 

-Aspirational society leads to developed nation: Modi

-Can't accept developmental tag for India anymore. 21st century should belong to India: Modi 

-Those who oppose us are also our own. We cannot be biased against those who oppose: Modi 

-Like the poor, the minorities have been cheated for vote bank politics: Modi 

-We ran govt for poor from 2014 to 2019. In 2019 this Govt has been formed by poor: Modi 

-We have to rid the poverty tag from India: Modi

-Netas must shed arrogance and remember their roots. Don't be swayed by power and fame: PM Modi 

-People, not Modi makes you win. Whatever you are, you are because of people: Modi

-Arrogance will distance people from you. The worker within you should be alive : Modi 

-Country will not forgive loose talks, Modi warns MPs

-I'm talking to you after bowing before the constitution, there can not be a 'bhed-rekha' for a people's representative. We are for those who were with us, we are also for those who will be with us: Modi

-We should be careful while talking, Modi warns big mouthed party leaders

-It is need of the hour to make comprises so that nation progresses: Modi 

-Energy and Synergy are key to NDA's success: Modi 

-NARA= National Ambition Regional Aspiration and it will be our guiding principle: Modi

-Coalition is part of political reality. No party, how so ever big , cannot avoid coalition: Modi

-Give and take is a reality of Indian politics now: Modi 

-Regional aspiration and national ambition takes a country to new heights: Modi  

-This is for the first time in Independent India that such large number of women MPs are sitting in the Parliament. This has been made possible due to women power: Modi

-Modi has challenged Modi and created new record: Modi

-Women and sisters have created a record this time. The women are my suraksha-kavach: Modi

-People are manifestation of God, I have realised this in 2019: Modi

-2019 elections was a pilgrimage for me: Modi 

-After win, nobody is alien to us: Modi

-We are with those who have confidence in us and with those whose confidence we have to win: Modi 

-People's representative cannot be vindictive and get intoxicated by power: Modi 

-Country will always be with those who work, try hard with honesty: Modi

-Mandate for us was chhanelisation of positive vote: Modi 

-This was an election of positive vote, pro-incumbency: Modi 

-Voters have become participants. In 2014 they gave us mandate and guided us till 2019: Modi 

-We are witness to the new beginning of caste-less elections: Modi 

-You all have elected me as the leader, I think of it as a part of the system, I'm one of you, equal to you: Modi

-2019 elections have worked towards breaking down walls and connecting hearts. In a way they had become a way to unite the society...This gave a new height to these elections. The people have started a new era and all of us are a witness to it: Modi 

-People have accepted us due to our 'seva bhav'. One has to prepare oneself to be always ready to help people even when you move through the lanes of politics and power: Modi 

-People have accepted BJP for its humility and urge to serve people: Modi

-Indian electorate never accepts arrogance of power. People only salute those who serve: Modi

-Bumper mandate increases responsibilities. We are ready to take up challenges with new energy, new commitment: Modi 

-Election was a festival, but victory celebration was astounding: Modi 

-This is an unprecedented happening. We are about to start a new journey for new India: Modi 

-I want to thank all BJP, NDA MPs and leaders for electing me as their leader: Modi 

-Modi bows before Constitution 

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