Modi Vs Rahul...Who will win semi-final...Watch most accurate Exit Polls on News 24 on Dec 7

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Dec 6: Now get ready to see the most precise exit poll on News24 from 4 PM onwards on Dec 7. The final phase of elections will be conducted Friday, in Rajasthan and Telangana. Voting will begin at 8 AM and continue till 5 PM.

The votes will be polled in a single phase. As per the Election Commission of India, the votes in the five states will be counted on December 12, along with four other states Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Chhattisgarh.One still requires patience to know the final results but a tentative picture will certainly emerge in the Exit Polls which will begin on Friday after 4 PM.The exit polls will throw light on number of seats, vote percentage and will also discuss as who will be CM in these states as none of the parties has given its CM face in these respective states. So the speculations are rife and we shall be analysing and laying thread-bare the ins and out of the assembly elections in these five states as they are the precursor to the forthcoming general elections in 2019, and therefore important.While the youngest state of India Telangana preponed its election (it was supposed to go for election in May 2019), Rajasthan will see a bipolar fight between BJP and Congress.Madhya Pradesh will be interesting as CM Shivraj Sigh Chouhan has been in power for four consecutive terms. Chattisgarh has the longest serving CM Raman Singh who is fondly called 'chawal Baba' because of his various rice schemes. And Mizoram is the last citadel of Congress, so it is important for India's grand old party.