Modi mantri shocks India with VVIP racism..Patient suffers,doc shouts:VIDEO

New Delhi, Nov 22: Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Culture, and Tourism KJ Alphons would have never imagined, even in his wildest dream that he a would be getting a bouquet of brickbats and abuses will be hurled at him after he was given a warm welcome with claps and flowers.

Angry woman shoutedat Union Minister KJ Alphons at Imphal Airport after flights were delayed due to VVIP arrival schedule.

The flight was delayed due the BJP minister and this irked a young doctor because she had to catch the flight and reach the destination to attend to a critical patient. She was so irritated that she lashed out at the minister on the airport itself. Modi government has taken up the cudgels against the VVIP culture. The doctor asked Kannanthanam to give it in writing to her that her flight won't be delayed further.