Modi Magic continues: 5 takeaways from Delhi Civic Polls

New Delhi: The tsunami of Modi across the country continues and it is now clear that BJP is non-stoppable under his leadership. BJP is a winner from Panchayat to Parliament.  Here are the main takeaways from the Delhi Civic Polls:

1. BJP’s winning spree has made the Opposition weak at knees. It has to rethink its strategies once again.

2. Signs of simmering discontent have started emerging from the AAP. Bhagawat Mann did not mince words when he said firmly that instead of blaming the EVMs in is time for the party to do some introspection.

3. All tall hopes of AAP growing beyond Delhi lie dashed. It had a bad taste already in the Goa and Punjab assembly elections. The political greenhorns were very hopeful of a thumping victory in these two states. But nothing came in hand.

4. Congress continues to shrink and they really have to pull their socks and don’t leave senior leaders like Sheila Dixit, who understand Delhi well, sulking.

5. AAP, which emerged on the horizon of Indian politics with hopes, has to strategize itself. It has to understand that politics is not a game of hurry. One has to move each step cautiously especially if you are a Young Turk and surrounded by age-old political parties. They were in a hurry to emerge on the national radar and that backfired.